Important Homework Information

Kindergarten homework for the week will go home every Monday. In the homework packet you will find a weekly newsletter, homework with suggested time for completion, and materials to complete homework. Practicing sight words and reading at least 5 minutes will be part of your child's nightly homework. Baggie Books will go home every Monday with homework packets. Baggie books are books that are picked to match your child's currently reading level. Please read these books during your nightly reading time. 

ALL homework and Baggie Books are due Friday. Your child will not receive new Baggie Books until the previous ones are returned. For returning completed homework on Friday, your child will earn 2 Class Dojo points!


Kindergarten Sight Words

Sight words are words that cannot be learned through pictures and cannot be sounded out. They appear frequently in books and learning them is one of the building blocks in learning to read. It is important to learn these words and become automatic in identifying them. This year we will be working on learning 100 sight words. We will be learning the Dolch pre-primer and primer word lists. We will be learning approximately 3 words every week. We will work to learn our words at school by playing games, writing the words, finding them in print, and using them in sentences. However, practicing at school is NOT enough. Your child will have nightly sight word review sheet with their homework. Please practice sight words with your child each night. Below you will find a list of fun activities to do with your child to help learn the kindergarten sight words. 
We will be tracking your child’s progress at school and sending frequent updates. Learning 100 sight words is a major goal we set in kindergarten and one that we work on all year long. At the end of the school year we will have an ice cream party and award for students who have learned 100 sight words. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know and good luck learning those words!J

Fun Ways to Practice Your Sight Words

  1. Make an extra set of sight words and play memory.
  2. Hand up two sight words and race your child across the room to read the sight word in your lane.
  3. Go on a sight word Scavenger Hunt by hiding flashcards around the house.
  4. Play Sight Word War-each player turns a sight word card over and whoever reads the sight words first wins both cards.
  5. Make a Bingo board with the sight word. Play BINGO.
  6. Create a word search puzzle
  7. Make an extra set of cards and play Go Fish.
  8. Make a Tic Tac Toe board with sight words and play Tic Tac Toe.
  9. Flashlight Words-take words up on the ceiling and turn off the lights. Use the flashlight to read the words.
  10. Make sight words out of playdough.