Classroom Information


is for attendance: Your child’s regular and prompt attendance at school is crucial for his/her success. I can’t emphasize this point enough!!! Most kindergarten learning activities are group oriented and involve interaction with classmates. Therefore, it can be difficult to make up work at home. Please view school as a priority, and see to it that your child attends every day except in cases of illness or emergency. If your child is going to absent please call the school office at 853-2933 in order to maintain an accurate attendance record for your child. When your child is absent please make sure to send a doctor’s note or reason for the absence. The school day begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:25 for students. Your child will be marked tardy if they arrive after 7:45am. The building will be open at 7:20am. Please do not drop your child off before 7:20am for safety reasons.


And for arrival: When your child arrives in the morning he or she will meet me in the gym for the first two weeks of school. After the first two weeks we will transition students to finding the classroom independently in the mornings.


is for breakfast: Breakfast is FREE for ALL students and available each day in the cafeteria. You may also pack breakfast for your child. We will go to breakfast as a class for the first few months of school. Eventually students will go to breakfast independently. A note will be sent home when this transition occurs.


And for birthdays: Birthday’s are special occasions for young children. If your child wishes, he/she may bring treats for the class on his/her birthday. Pre-packaged treats are best and easiest. Please send a note a day or two in advance, so I can give you an exact number of children in our class and set aside some class time for the party. Due to allergies please avoid peanut products.


And for book orders: Your child will be bringing home a form to order books about once a month. If you wish to order you have two options: 1) simply fill out the form and send the correct amount of money (cash no checks please) in an envelope; 2) you may follow the directions included to order online. These orders are provided as a convenient way for parents to buy quality books for their child at a low price. As an added bonus, for every dollar that is spent on books, I earn bonus points that are used to purchase books for classroom use. This is a win-win situation because you get quality literature at a low price and you are helping provide quality literature for our classroom. Of course, you are never under any obligation to order.


And for baggie books: Your child will bring home a Ziploc bag with four books on your child’s reading level. Please read these books throughout the week. Please return all four books in the bag every Friday. If your child does not return his/her baggie books they will not be able to take four new books home the following week.


is for communication: I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. We are a team working together for your child. Throughout the year I will communicate with you as much as possible. Students have a daily folder that will have any notes and reminders. This folder is to be reviewed and returned everyday and you may use it to send me note as well. Typically on Monday or Tuesday is when you will receive communication from the front office, flyers, calendars, important reminders etc. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. You can send me a note, call me at school 853-2933 or email me at


And for conferences: Conferences are scheduled twice a year (November 8h and February 20th). All parents are expected to attend. These conferences are planned to discuss you child’s progress and offer you ideas on how to help your child succeed. You are always welcome to schedule additional conferences by sending a note with your child or calling me.


And for calendars: A school calendar will go home each month with activities and reminders for the month. A kindergarten newsletter will be attached to your child’s homework. In that newsletter you will find upcoming important dates for kindergarten as well as what we are learning in each subject. The newsletter will help you keep track of what your child is studying each week so that you can reinforce these concepts at home.


Is for Dismissal: We have many students who have different ways of going home each day. Please make sure that you update any changes in the office and with me. After school, students who walk home must be met by a parent out side the front of the school building (door #2). Car riders will be called for by radio and escorted out to the parking lot side of the building. Those students who ride the bus are escorted to the buses by Kindergarten teachers. For the safety of your child and all the children at Monterey, we ask that you drop off and pick up students outside the building on the parking lot side where there is adult supervision. If for any reason you need to enter the school, we ask that you please enter through the doors by the office and pick up a visitor sticker. This helps alleviate any confusion between staff and visiting adults in the building. An adult must meet your child at the bus stop daily. If there is no one at the bus stop your child will be brought back to Monterey. Your child will only be released to the people you designate on the dismissal sheet or emergency card.


If there is a change in transportation, i.e. someone different if picking up your child or your child will be going home a different way, you must send a written note. Please do not rely on your child to tell me this information, because children often get confused and relay messages incorrectly. If no written note is received, your child will be sent home by his/her usual method of transportation. Your child will only be released to the people you designate on the dismissal sheet or emergency card. So if these numbers change, it is very important for you to contact the school as soon as possible, in case of an emergency.


Is for Email: My email address is You are welcome to email me at any time, but due to privacy issues I cannot respond about specific issues about your child. I can respond about upcoming events. But most likely I will respond via note or phone call.


is for fun: We have a lot of fun in Kindergarten including our daily specials. We have Music on Monday, Library on Tuesday (we will return library books Tuesday morning), Guidance on Wednesday, Art on Thursday and P.E. on Friday. Please be aware that your child will NOT be allowed to participate in PE if they are not wearing tennis shoes, they may pack a pair in their book bag to change into.


And for folders: Each student is given a folder at the beginning of the year. Please check this folder daily! This is to be a communication tool between home and school. Students are to bring their folders home every night and return them to school every morning. Please write notes in it as needed. Please check it for your child’s homework, reading log, and any work we have completed. Items in the pocket labeled “Return to School” need to be filled out, signed, and returned to school as soon as possible in the folder. Your child will also bring home a “Friday Folder.” The Friday Folder will have your child’s work from the previous week. Please take out your child’s work to keep at home and return the folder to school every Monday!


and for Field Trips: We will go on approximately 4 field trips during Kindergarten. The pumpkin patch in the Fall (apx $10), the Taubman Art Museum in January (apx. $4), a play in February or March (apx $12) and the Transportation museum in May (FREE J). You are welcome to chaperone a field trip but be aware that there may be an additional cost. As soon as a field trip form comes home in your child’s folder, please return the form AND money ASAP! It helps makes everyone’s life easier the soon it gets turned in. Don’t forget that the form has a front and back and must be signed on both sides.


Is for great behavior: I have high expectations for your child and I know he or she will meet them. I use a variety of behavior management incentives in class. I will contact you if there is ever a concern about your child’s behavior.


To help manage classroom behavior, our class will be participating in a color behavior system. There is a chart with various colors (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red). Each student will have his/her name on a clothes pin and begin on green each day.If students are not following a classroom or school wide rule then they will be asked to move their clip down to the next color. If students are going above and beyond the behavior expected, their clip may be moved up a color. Purple=Outstanding (a trip to the treasure box, a class coupon, an a praise note sent home), Blue=Good Job (a trip to the treasure box) Green=Ready to Learn (choice a sticker), Yellow=Make Better Choices(Lose 5 minutes of recess), Orange=Stop and Think (Refocus time, lose 10 minutes of recess, silent lunch, and an orange note sent home), Red=Parent Contact (Refocus time, lose 15 minutes of recess, silent lunch, and parent contact).


Class Dojo will be used school wide to focus on positive behaviors. Students will be able to earn points for being on time for school, homework, during transitions (hallway), specials, and excellent behavior when working with the kindergarten resource teacher. Our class will start Class Dojo at the beginning of September. Please sign up for an account at More information will be coming home in upcoming newsletters.


Is for homework: Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. A weekly homework packet will be sent home at the beginning of each week. The homework packet is due back on FRIDAY. Please be sure to sign the homework checklist attached to the front of the homework packet. This homework will be a

brief review of what we are working on in class. The work is intended for them to complete by themselves, but you will need to be there to help them know what to do. If they struggle with it, then offer help. If they continue to have problems please contact me. In addition to a quick nightly review your child will have a daily reading log to complete and return to me.


Is for Independence: Your Kindergartener is capable of doing many things on his or her own. Please encourage your child to always try his or her hardest, whether it be tying their shoes or learning new sight words. With 25 students in the class it is impossible for me to do everything for everyone, so building independence is crucial. Let them try new tasks as it makes them feel proud of themselves and then they can help others. As parents and teachers we try to encourage and help, which is great, but remember to back away and let the students do the thinking. I will remind your child often that it is ok to make mistakes, that is what erasers are for!


is for Journal: We will keep daily journals throughout the year in reading. We will write about what we are learning, create our own stories and review books we read.


Is for Kindergarten of course! Kindergarten is a year full of milestones! You will see so much growth and change in your child this year. It is absolutely amazing to see how much they will accomplish this year. This huge growth is one of my favorite things about Kindergarten and I am excited to be on this journey with you!


Is for lunch: Lunch is FREE for ALL students. Your child may get a lunch from the cafeteria or pack lunch. Your child may purchase extras to go with their lunch (i.e. chips, ice cream on Friday, etc). If your child would like to purchase any of the extra items please send cash or check in your child’s folder (PLEASE put any money you send in a bag or envelope with your child’s name and the amount on the outside) ORload money on your child’s lunch account from home via this website A monthly menu of hot lunches will be sent home. Children will be allowed to choose their own lunches from the offered selections. To help your child in making this decision, you may want to review the selections with your child in the morning. You are welcome to eat with your child anytime! Our lunch time is 12:15-12:40. Please stop by the office and sign in as a visitor before coming to the cafeteria.


Is for Money: On occasion it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school. Always send money in a sealed envelope or baggie with the following information written on it:

  • Your child’s first and last name
  • The amount of money
  • The purpose for the money (book money, lunch money, picture money, etc)
  • My name


and for Medications: The school nurse will administer all medications. Please contact the nurse if your child is to be given any medicine during school hours. If your child has asthma, you need to leave a spare inhaler with the nurse in case of emergencies. Do not send medicine to school in your child’s book bag. This includes sunscreen, medicated chapstick, and cough drops or “sore throat lollipops”.


Also for Newsletters: Each Monday you will receive a newsletter from me, called Kindergarten Kids. It will tell you what we are learning about this week, (this can help with the dinner conversation of “What did you do at school today” J), important reminders about upcoming events and a list of homework for the week. This is your weekly guide to what is happening in Kindergarten.


Is for Outside Recess; As long as time and weather allow it we will go outside for recess daily. Our playground is at the bottom of a very long hill. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather, including coat/hat/gloves in the winter and send your child in comfortable easy to walk in shoes. Tennis shoes are always the safest choice.


Is for Patience: Kindergarten can be rough the first few weeks at school. Everything is new and sometimes scary. Please be patient as we get our Kindergarteners trained on the rules and procedures for school. We will learn and grow together.


And for PTA: Our PTA does a great job supporting our students. They plan lots of fun events throughout the school year including the Pizza Pumpkin Palooza and the Spring Carnival. The cost to join the PTA is $5.00 per person, parents, grandparents etc can all join. The more people that join, the more our PTA can do for our students. The PTA is always looking for parents who are able to volunteer at events, if your schedule allows please consider helping this great organization.


is for Questions: If you ever have any questions about what is happening in school or something you child says has happened at school, please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at 853-2933. Please be aware that it can be difficult for me to return phone calls during the day, but I will return your call as soon as possible.


is for READING! We will read, read, read and read some more! Your child will be working daily in small group at his or her own instructional level, reviews with independent reading practice centers, write to reinforce more reading skills, learn LOTS of sight words, learn to sound out and spell simple words, and by May you will see your child reading independently. You can help this process by reviewing sight words each night with your child and reading each night with your child. ( I will be sending home a list of sight words) Please return you child’s weekly reading log at the end of each month. Your child will earn special prizes for all the books he or she reads.


is for snack: The kindergarten schedule has a morning snack time built in. Our lunch time is later (12:15) and the morning is long. Please send a small snack with your child daily. Ideas include snack crackers, pudding cups or fruit. DO NOT send in candy or a soda, these are not great things to have at 10:00am in the morning and I will send them home. Please send your child’s snack in a clearly labeled container his/her name on it. In order to avoid confusing snacks with lunches, please send the snack in a separate bag or container clearly labeled “snack”. Please check to make sure your child can open the things you pack, it can be difficult for me to get around and open 25 containers in a 15 minute snack time. If you happen across a good bargain at the grocery store we can always use extra snacks in case someone forgets! Any help is always appreciated!


And sight words: During our Kindergarten year we will be working to learn 100 sights words. Sight words are words that typically cannot be sounded out and your child should learn to recognize and read instantly. This will make beginning reading so much easier. Please make sure to review sight words nightly (they are a part of their homework packet). At the end of the year students who know 100 sight words will participate in an ice cream party.


Is for Teacher- that’s me! My name is Amanda Fulton. This is my fourth year at Monterey Elementary. I previous taught kindergarten in North Carolina where I grew up. In my free time I love to read, travel and bake. I love my job and can’t wait for another great year at Monterey.


is for unfinished work: There are times in class when we will not finish our work. Sometimes we just don’t have time to complete everything in class. Feel free to finish at home, this is a great chance to sit down one on one with your child to see what they are learning about in school. If you are ever concerned with the amount of unfinished work you see coming home please feel free to contact me.


Is for Volunteering: If you are interested in volunteering to assist in the class with parties, go on field trips, help with prep work (cutting, making copies etc) please let me know. We can always use volunteers.


Is for work: We will work hard and play hard in Kindergarten. I expect your child to listen and follow directions when it is time to work so that we can enjoy ourselves when it is time to play. Please help your child understand how important it is to listen while the teacher is talking!


is for eXperience: Kids come to Kindergarten with many different experiences. I will set high expectations for your child and he or she will work hard to meet them. You will be amazed at how much you will see your child change this year.


is for your child: Thank you for sharing your child with me each day, I hope that we can work together to give your child an incredible year! You know your child better than anyone; please do not hesitate to call or send a note if you have questions or concerns. It is also helpful if you keep me informed about changes going on at home or with your child. Stress at home, new siblings, illnesses in the family, even changes in after school care can all lead to behavior problems in class very quickly. Keeping me informed helps me keep your child happy, healthy, and safe.


is for ZZZZZ’s: Make sure your child gets enough sleep each night to be productive the next day. We have a very busy schedule and a lot to learn and your child will not be napping during the day.